Tips on cleaning your beloved wedding dress

Tips on cleaning your beloved wedding dress

You may have longed for your big day in a perfect wedding dress that looks like a princess since you were a child. You can pay hundreds or thousands of pounds for your dream wedding dress. I bet you want to keep your favorite dress so amazing after many years. Or you would like to send your well dressed wedding dress to your daughter or grandchild as a legacy. Knowing how to clean your wedding dress is definitely important before you save it.

There are four common ways to clean your wedding dress and its accessories dry cleaning hand washing machine wash and staining. You must choose the right method to wash your wedding dress according to its fabrics and accessories.

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is the most popular way to wash a complicated dress as a wedding dress. And sometimes you can find a Clean Clean Only tag on your healthcare label. Especially when the dress is made of fabrics silk crepe taffeta silk shantung lace lama brocade silky crepe georgette etc. In this case the safest way takes your dress to a professional dry cleaner. Make sure your dress is cleaned lonely to avoid color blending or at night by the sharp beads. If there is no Clean Clean Only brand you must check if the dress has any decorations that are unsuitable for dry cleaning. For example the colored balls are easily discolored by dry cleaning as well as sequin and paillette.

Hand washing

If dry cleaning is not the only one recommended for washing your wedding dress it is obviously a good choice for saving money and having fun maybe. Before you wash your wedding dress check if the fabric can be washed without damaging. Some fabrics can only be washed carefully and carefully to avoid shrinkage or deformation for example velvet jacket organza stretchnet linen etc. In the meantime the decorations that can not be hand washed before cleaning are removed. After cleaning do not push or twist it to deform or rub the shape of your dress. Just spread the plate and allow it to dry naturally. Stay away from the strong sunshine as the fabric fabric may decrease or change.

Machine wash

As usual machine wash is not recommended for a wedding dress especially the full automatic road. Decorating the dress can scratch the fabric and the color fades during the high speed run of the rotary cylinder of the washing machine. If you insist on washing your dress from the machine make sure all steps are under control. Take down all the accessories that can damage your dress turn inside and slow down the laundry rate when washing. Do not wipe the dress of the machine. Just remove it and wipe it in the same way as hand washing.

Spot treatment

Spot treatment is popular when you wash the ornaments on the dress. In general there are different decorations on the wedding dress such as an arc sashes laces pearls embroideries rhinestones glitters applique jewels feathers and so on. Most of them should be cleaned. In addition embroidery glitter and applique can only be spot treated but not washed.

After cleaning and drying the wedding dress fold it with the tissue paper and keep it in an acid free sealed muscular box. Of course do not forget to take out the stuff like pads or tulle that can break down or solve when time flies and ruins your dress.

Think of the above tips you will find the most convenient way to wash your wedding dress.

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